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Tableaux blancs avec poignée A4 - Bleu


New selection of whiteboards with a handle, ideal for fun learning, at school, at home, outside, in meetings and for training. School whiteboards with a handle.

New portable 2 in 1 - Dual purpose A4 whiteboard & clear pocket folders

  • These A4 double sided dry erase whiteboards are unique.
  • One side is a large A4 whiteboard with a handy handle & the other side has a clear pocket folder.
  • Insert A4 sheets into the clear pocket and write on the clear cover with any dry erase whiteboard marker, wipe clean and reuse.
  • Teachers will save time laminating worksheets and save the school money. Ideal for primary schools and nurseries. The A4 school whiteboard with clear pocket folder can be used outside to keep childrens work clean.
€6.89 TVA incluse
€5.74 hors TVA

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